Augumenta joins the Augmented Reality for Enterprises Alliance, AREA

We’re glad to announce that we have joined The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) and are now an official member of the organization. As the widespread adoption of enterprise AR is the common interest of all AREA members we’re enthusiastic about being able to chip in the best we can to help develop this active enterprise AR ecosystem.

If you’re not familiar with them yet, here’s the organisation in a nutshell: the AREA is the only global non-profit, member-based organization dedicated to widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems. AREA members represent all three segments of the AR ecosystem: enterprise AR users, AR solution providers and non-commercial institutes such as research organisations. The AREA mission is to help companies in all parts of the ecosystem to achieve greater operational efficiency through the smooth introduction and widespread adoption of interoperable AR-assisted enterprise systems.

The AREA has recently gained several new members and consists now of well over 50 participating organisations. "I'm excited to welcome Augumenta to the growing membership of the AREA. Augumenta's expertise and experience in the enterprise Augmented Reality ecosystem will contribute greatly to the AREA’s efforts to bring real performance and efficiency improvements to enterprises,” said Mark Sage, AREA Executive Director.

By bringing together different operators in the enterprise AR ecosystem the AREA helps form connections, encourages information sharing and advances many kinds of research activities. “We have high expectations about cooperating with the AREA organisation and I'm sure there's a lot of value we can capture. We are committed to supporting the work of the AREA community and pleased to be able to share our experience and best practices that base on years of working with AR projects”, said Tero Aaltonen, our CEO.

Mr Tero Aaltonen, CEO, AugumentaTero, Aaltonen, Augumenta

The organisation shares a lot of high-quality content, such as research data, practical guidelines and hands-on examples of use cases and we’re happy to be able to add the latest industry insight into our expertise and for the benefit of our customers. The AREA is also very active in promoting enterprise AR in different channels including social media and key industry events. For example, you will be seeing their representatives at the rapidly approaching AWE expo in Munich on October 18th. Be careful not to miss the event, we'll be there too!

To get to know the AREA organisation and to learn more about enterprise AR as well as the ecosystem, click on their site:

The Area Organisation logo and website
We look forward to contributing the AREA committees and joining forces to address any industry challenges and to raise awareness about the concrete benefits of AR  throughout the ecosystem. We'd like to continue sharing the best tips we learn and the most interesting AR ecosystem news pieces with you too, so stay tuned!

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