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A new homebase for Industrial AR developers

Whew, moving is a hard job, but worth it! We have now both a new office and a brand new web site.

April 08, 2020 by The Augumenta Team
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New patent for Augumenta virtual panel technology

Our company story began with solving the interaction problems of AR wearables: how do you efficiently communicate with the devices and virtual objects in the augmented reality environment. We wanted to turn AR into a productive tool for companies. The SmartPanel technology is combining the best of our knowledge in the field of industrial AR and intuitive interaction with techs such as machine vision and machine learning on the background. We predict that in the future (and quite soon if you ask us) you won’t see control panels with physical buttons or knobs anymore. Virtual panels are simply more flexible, safer and easier to maintain. There are no other solutions quite like SmartPanel: it’s purely Augumenta’s own forerunning technology and we were recently granted a new patent for it.

October 03, 2019 by The Augumenta Team
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Integrating gesture control into AR apps - a customer case

As a company, we started our journey in 2012 with the founding idea of turning AR into an efficient tool for enterprises. With the adoption of augmented reality and smartglasses a major obstacle back then was lack of user-friendly interaction. There were devices and content but no sensible ways for a user to manipulate the content. We decided to change that fact and created the first version of Augumenta Interaction Platform (AIP) SDK, a toolset that enables developers to integrate simple and efficient hand gestures into their smartglasses AR apps.

June 17, 2019 by The Augumenta Team
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Augumenta at CEATEC as part of IoT Acceleration Lab

 Augumenta was chosen as the only and first ever Finnish participant to join the Japanese IoT Acceleration Lab program and to exhibit at CEATEC technology expo. CEATEC is one of the largest tech events in Asia. This year the expo took place 16.-19. October and registered over 156 000 visitors and 725 exhibitors exceeding all official expectations of the organizers. It was a great privilege to be selected to this program and to be recognized for our expertise in combining the best features of IoT and AR.

November 05, 2018 by The Augumenta Team
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Augumenta joins the Augmented Reality for Enterprises Alliance, AREA

We’re glad to announce that we have joined The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) and are now an official member of the organization. As the widespread adoption of enterprise AR is the common interest of all AREA members we’re enthusiastic about being able to chip in the best we can to help develop this active enterprise AR ecosystem.

September 17, 2018 by The Augumenta Team
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Pick the right devices to stay up-to-date on a factory shop floor

Let’s start with a bit of news. We just introduced the support of smartwatches into our SmartAlert application! The app is designed to keep workers up-to-date while working on the shop floor or on the field. We decided to go beyond smartglasses, for which the app is originally created, cause we are committed to making sure people have the best matching tools for their use cases. In some of them, a lighter version of the app and a simpler device offer an optional low-barrier route forward or back-up the usage of more complicated solutions.

August 29, 2018 by The Augumenta Team
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How AR can help cut expensive downtime

Downtime is as a period of time when something, a network, piece of machinery or the whole factory is not in operation. Every minute of downtime is a potential revenue loss for a manufacturer, no matter what is the cause of it. An unplanned one, resulting of a failure or a malfunction is usually the ultimate worst-case scenario, for in most cases it is far more expensive and lengthy than a scheduled maintenance break. Production lines are increasingly complicated and demands for efficiency are high in today's manufacturing industry. Digitization initiatives; connecting people, equipment and computers, drawing and analyzing data from multiple sources, have brought new tools to minimize unexpected failures of machines in production.

June 21, 2018 by The Augumenta Team
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AR improving worker safety

Augumenta was recently chosen to provide a solution to a problem presented by the Six City Strategy. The challenge was to find new, innovative and scalable solutions to improve safety of industrial workers that are performing dangerous tasks alone. We set along to tackle it with a simple app that allowed the worker to be tracked in the working area and send alarms in the case of an emergency.

May 30, 2018 by The Augumenta Team
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Enterprises are looking for efficiency with industrial AR

 The last full week of April brought over 200 000 people to visit the HannoverMesse 2018 expo to see, feel and talk about integrated industry. According to Messe statistics, 70 000 of the visitors and 65% of the over 5000 exhibitors were from outside of Germany. We had the privilege of meeting a part of this knowledgeable and international crowd and showcase the power of AR joining forces with an Industrie 4.0 platform. What we learned from our expo visitors: improving the efficiency of production processes is the number one reason why enterprises are looking into AR.


May 17, 2018 by The Augumenta Team
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Why Adopt Industry 4.0 Augmented Reality Today


Industry 4.0, smart industry, or digital factory, these terms all refer to several major technology innovations that together are expected to cause a major shift in the landscape of manufacturing industry. Technologies like advanced robotics, AI, sophisticated sensors, cloud computing and big data analytics all exist today but integrated they would create a fully connected and flexible software system that runs the physical manufacturing.

If we consider this the ideal world of manufacturing we’re pursuing, in most cases we are not even close yet. For any company bridging the physical and virtual worlds is a huge challenge to take on as a whole. Where should we start? Do we just go for digitization for digitization’s sake; what is the data we have and need, and what to do with it? What is the key value of the change for your company and your customers?

Most of us are not equipped with enough information to answer that all in one go. Luckily you can start small!
March 19, 2018 by The Augumenta Team
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